Right now somewhere, someone is clinging for dear life. Coincidences can be misleading and history do repeats itself.

We all pray for you.

World at War

Right now, I strongly believe that the purpose of my existence is to play Call of Duty 5, apart from shooting with my 40D. Anyway, I’m happy to say that CoD 5 is uber cool, the solo campaign blew me away. I’m werking on veteran achievments at the moment, and I’d pretty much love to unlock every single achievements the game have to offer.

Here’s a quick preview on the game play.

Ok, maybe that’s not the actual gameplay. I’m just showing you how whack CoD fans can be. Here’s the actual..


Before I was into bulky Discmans, mountain bikes, Xbox’s and cameras (in chronological order), I was into Stone Temple Pilots! Nevermind Scott’s often display of his quirky dance moves in most of thier music videos, they were a great band. Prolly that’s why I managed to save enough on school allowances then and actually bought thier cd instead of Nirvana’s :D

So I feel honoured to not embed one, but three of my favourite tracks!

Yes that’s how Scott was before his scrawny self today.. and unfortunately I don’t listen to Velvet Revolver :f